Here are the reasons why patients come to us.

  • We provide Professional Medical and Support Service!
  • Perfect and accurate end result in your medical treatment is our top most concern!
  • Our Excellent Hospitality is the one of the key features as we know that Guests are our God!
  • We Save Your Time and do all the scheduling on behalf of you without waiting list.
  • We understand you and always try to Bank your earnings and savings!
  • Tour of Incredible India which is again an inevitable part of tour to India!


1.Medical Consultation from Top Notch Consultants in India
Once we receive your medical records/reports, we will give you the best medical opinion from the top doctors in India. If there is any preference of doctor/hospital then accordingly we will provide you the medical opinion.
2.Professional Medical Care:
  • Large pool of doctors, nurses & paramedics
  • Over 650,000 doctors
  • Highly skilled experts
  • Possess English speaking skills

Comfort Level:-

  • NRI Doctors recognized as amongst best in adopted countries(First World)
  • Usage of English
  • Indian Nurses increasingly getting International Exposure
3. Medical Visa Assistance
We will provide you Medical Visa Letter which will enhance or fasten your visa process in the Embassy. If any other information is required from us for processing the visa then we will always coordinate with you and provide you the same.
4. Pre and post Operative Consultation Overseas
Pre and post operative consultation are being provided by us while you are at your home country. Online Consultation and medical opinion choices are being furnished to you for your better understanding. We will coordinate with you for your post treatment follow up when you have gone back to your country.
5. Tele- Conferencing Facilities with the Consultant
Once you have confirmed the place for your treatment under a specified and specialist doctor we will be organizing a tele-conferencing between you and your treating consultant. It’s being arranged for your satisfaction and comfort level with the doctor and the hospital facilities.
6. Transport and Accommodation Assistance
Once you arrive in India and have taken the admission in the hospital, we will assist you in finding a conveyance, accommodation or guest house near to the hospital. We will give you options to let you choose as per your desire.
7. VIP transfers (Airport-Hotel-Hospital/Clinic)
On your arrival to the international airport of any city VIP transfers will be provided to you to reach your destination (Hotel-Hospital/Clinic) as per your desire. While leaving India for your home country again a drop to the International airport will be arranged for you.
8. Guided Tours
If you wish to visit any tourist place in India after your medical treatment we can arrange a good package for you and that to @ attractive price than other tour operators.
9. Free Translation Services
All over in India English is being spoken widely. But in case if any other language translators like Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Afghani etc is required then it will be arranged for you at no cost.
10. 24 Hours Emergency Assistance
The hospital will provide 24 Hrs emergency services. Other than that if any other assistance or coordination is required then our team are voluntarily available at your service.